Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Due on 10/2 " Of My Friend Hector and My Achilles Heel" by Michael Kaufman

Conduct brief research on Achilles during the Trojan War in order to gain a broader perspective as to what Kaufman is alluding to.  Jot down some notes in your notebook.

Keep in mind that Achilles was a great warrior in the Trojan War and very famous in Homer's Illiad. He was killed when he was shot in his heel with an arrow. His heel was his weak spot. It was extremely inconspicuous. However, it was extremely significant.


In 2-3  paragraphs answer the following question: Why do you suppose Kaufman chose to give his essay this particular title? How does the essay relate to my lecture on "perspective".
Why did Kaufman ignore Hector after graduating from college? What does say about society in general? Provide 2 examples using in -text citation from the reading.

In addition, draw a parallel between my perspective lecture today and one selected reading/article or video discussed in class.


What to Look Forward to? 

Thursday 10/2

What is a Thesis? PPT/Lecture
Thesis Handout

Assignment Due on Tuesday 10/7
"Time For School" PBS Video- I will post it on Thursday After Class with directions
Lesson: Perspective: Education & Identity

* Print and bring Expository Essay Topics to class on Tuesday 10/7