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Wednesday, December 3, 2014

I re-posted the link to the conference schedule as a shareable link.

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Timeline 12/2


I will go over Thesis for your research paper once again. Please remember that you should have started your research in order to gain a clear and coherent thesis that takes a position.
For Example, If you decide that you are interested in Education and Identity then you can do some research based on some of the topics we discussed in class in DEPTH.

You would begin your research and perhaps develop an argument that resembles below:


Education is clearly linked to our identity. Individuals who are able to receive a well -rounded and flourished education tend to develop a broader understanding of themselves and create an extension of their overall perception  in how others see them. To be educated is to gain knowledge in subject  matter given the opportunity. Education is an essential part of how we feel about ourselves. People who are educated tend to hold themselves in higher esteem within society. They hold substantial jobs, raise functional families in loving homes and establish healthy relationships in their communities.  Many children in the United States are afforded the opportunity to receive a fair and just education within the system. However, Education as an institution is clearly linked to demographics. Children who live in impoverished areas in the United States are not receiving the same education when compared to those who do not. Well rounded educational resources are not equally distributed and children who come from poor income families do not have the same opportunities as those who are more fortunate monetarily. 

You can make your thesis even more specific by establishing that it is the city versus the suburbs. OR perhaps you are comparing the eduction in India to that of United States for Women. IN that case you will need to establish that in your thesis..... 

You can develop your topic for love, friendship, culture, language etc... in any form you see  fit. Please note that your RESEARCH WILL HELP YOU CLARIFY YOUR TOPIC>

Thesis is in YELLOW. 

CLASS ON 12/2 
I will go over Thesis
Students will Re-Connect with their Support Group
Students will be allowed to leave class early with their support groups to do the following:
a) work in the library / computer lab with their group and conduct research
b) go to the lab or library to print the conference schedule
c) stay behind to ask a question re; research/ thesis/ MLA Format

Writing the Argument PPT - I will go over developing the argument on Thursday

I will meet students individually in the library to have a conference re; the paper

The paper is due and presentations begin.