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Monday, August 20, 2012

DUE ON 11/10 - THeme (What Shapes us?)


Read The Company Man by Ellen Goodman

What is this essay about?
How does this essay relate to the theme of identity?

In what ways do we as a society view work in this country?
Is work important to you?
How did the company man see himself? How did others see him?

Create a two sentence argument (thesis) statement based on reading this essay.
Create a two sentence counter - argument.


 Just click on " Due on 11/10" and post your response as a comment. Be sure to write your response in WORD first. PROOFREAD for GRAMMAR AND SPELLING!!!! Once you are happy with your response, copy and paste it on the BLOG - REMEMBER YOU are publishing your work for people to see!

Watch the Tony Robbins Video Why We Do What We Do provided by TED Video - Ideas Worth Spreading.  Respond to the following prompts in 3-4 paragraphs. Once you have responded, evaluate a classmate's response and provide feedback  in one paragraph. Make sure you point out who you are referring to. For example, Alice mentioned " Identity is related to family and the external world", I agree with this .. ... etc...... (TOTAL 4 Paragraphs) 2 comments.

  • What is the lecture about? (provide background and thesis)
  • Choose one significant point that you find to be interesting and why. Provide Quotes
  • Connect one point to identity and something you learned in this class ( notes, an essay we read about love, friendships, work, language etc., my lectures, a point a student made, a quote I used in class etc.)
  • Take one thing from the lecture and relate it to your own life.  (Think about destiny, emotion, internal drive and/or invisible force)

Food for Thought - If you had the chance to interview Robbins and ask him one question, what would it be?

Have a Wonderful Weekend! See you on Thursday! 

* I will try to go over these responses on Thursday. If we do not get to it, ( I am introducing the Research Paper) I will go over them the following class day. This will count as a participation grade. I will make note of it in my GRADE BOOK